Prepared for the Future or Left in the Past?

Cloud Security i-Flash

Cloud-based video surveillance continued to grow in 2011, however there are still integrators and customers hanging onto their DVRs. Beyond the challenges of having a broken or stolen DVR, this old technology limits users ability to have access to their video on the browser and device of their choice.  

Many of the DVR’s out there are set to use ActiveX only which means these users can only use Internet Explorer.  Some of them will accept using a Firefox browser, but looking at a recent report of ours it is clear that Internet Explorer and Firefox are leaving lots of users out.  Only 39% of our visitors  use  Internet Explorer and even with Firefox you’re only at just over 60%.  That’s a lot of people out there who couldn’t access a DVR with their preferred browser client  like Safari and Chrome .

Cloud-based  software like our i-flashback provides a future proof solution…

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